What Happens When Someone Tries To Cheat?

Planets 4 is very different from planets 3 when it comes to cheat prevention. In planets 4 every command that the player gives is checked by the host to make sure the command is a valid order. If a player hacks the TRN file sent to the host all the invalid commands will be ignored. Unlike planets 3 nothing ready happens on the player`s end besides the giving of orders to build something or move something.

Planets 3 has many command and actions actually took place on the players side. Ship building and factory building actually took place on the player side and it was up to the host to double check the order, it was a pretty simple matter to hack the files and cheat. Most the time the host program would detect the cheat after the hack and punish the player. Planets 4 does not allow the cheat to take place in the first place so no cheat detect is needed after the fact and no punishment system is needed. Planets 4 does not have a “Tim Continuum” punishment system like planets 3 has.