Attack The Enemy

The first step in going to war is declaring who your enemies are. Open the races screen from the races icon in the main tool bar. Using the grey tabs and the Ally Commands screen switch on the attack switch for each race that you wish to attack. Now that you are at war with another race all their bases and ships will show up in red on the star map.

Any ship that you have that has attack orders will attack any enemy ship that passes as it travels. Combat takes place during movement. A ship can be involved in more than one attack per turn. Groups of ships can fight together. Combat is triggered when you pass within 5 ly of the enemy and the ships that trigger the battle can call in friend ships within 5 ly to help in the attack.

If your ship has weapons that use ord make sure your ship has some ord loaded or its weapons ord using weapons will be useless.

Your ship can attack enemy ground bases when the ship attack option Fire at ground targets is turned on. If the enemy base has a base shield your ship will not fire on it unless your ship has a super weapon. A Super weapon can take out any base shield. A standard large weapon can not damage a base shield.

Another way of attacking an enemy is by landing colonists, troops, crew, and high guard from a ship and forming a ground base and then attack the enemy base using the ground base. A base shield will not protect an enemy ground base from an attack from an enemy ground base. Life pods can also be used to land your guys on a planet. Assault pods can carry ground assault units and fighters as well as troops. You can land troops from many ships and many pods all during the same turn. They will form one giant ground base. The ground base will then attack the enemy as one unit.

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Jan 28th, 2004