Hot Sheet


The hot sheet panel is just a simple set of 8 color coded lists to serve as a reminder for latter turns. The first line at the top of each list is where you can leave yourself a note reminding you what this list is for. You can edit this line at any time.

To add the currently selected hammer object to the list click on the up arrow button above the hammer button. To add the currently selected anvil object to the list click on the up arrow above the anvil button.

Objects are listed by name and object class. The currently selected object is an assault pod named Assault 3 the pod has an ID # 2616. To view the location of the object click on the map button below the ID display. To make the currently selected object become the current hammer object, so that you can give it commands, click on the hammer button. The anvil button will make the object the current anvil object. The delete button will delete the object from the list.

The lists of objects are saved from turn to turn.

Jan 28th, 2004