Ship Fleet Controls


The fleet controls are mainly used to control the sharing of ordnance, repair units and fuel between ships that belong to a fleet. The minimum amount of ordnance is the minimum level that this ship wishes to maintain at all times. If the amount of ordnance drops to below this setting and the ship is a fleet member it will attempt to transfer ordnance from another ship that has ordnance sharing with fleet on and has a ordnance level that is greater than its minimum ordnance level. Any ship that has more ordnance than its minimum ordnance setting and has its ordnance sharing with fleet turned on will share its ordnance with any ship that is a fleet member until the level of ordnance reaches its minimum ordnance level. Only fleet members can receive and only ordnance sharing ships give. A ship can do both. Fuel sharing works exactly the same way. Repair units can be shared, but there is no minimum level. Ships that are sharing repair units will share their repair units until they reach a level of zero stored units. Turning on a fleet leader does nothing special other than marks a ship as a fleet leader. In order for other ships to follow the fleet leader they must set the leader ship as their escort target. They will follow their escort target as long as they are not currently intercepting an enemy ship. When escorting a ship they will ignore their normal way points and simple follow their escort target.

Jan 12th, 2004