Fleet Command

Any ship can become a fleet leader, all you need to do is select the ship, go into its fleet screen and click the fleet leader switch. The ship will become a fleet leader and appear on the fleet screen as a leader.

The fleet command screen is accessed by clicking the fleet command button on the main tool bar. The above screen shows that there are 2 fleet leaders. The first fleet leader ship is the Orville 3 ship ID 809. There are 3 ships in the fleet. These are ships ID 809 (the leader), ID 610, and ID 611. If you click on any of the fleet members they will become the currently selected object (hammer object).

If the currently selected object (hammer object) is not currently a member of the fleet you can add it by clicking the add button. The add button turns on the escort target and fleet member switches automatically. The fleet leader becomes the escort target of any ship you add to the fleet. The fleet members will move in the direction of their escort target, unless the escort ship has an intercept target set in that case the ship will travel in the direction of the intercept target until the intercept target is lost then it will travel in the direction of the escort target. Remember, ships must have a speed set before they will move and they must have fuel.

The 4 colored bars under the picture of the ships display how fast the ship is moving, the fuel level, the ord level, and the amount of repair units in storage.

The fleet members also list the distance between themselves and the fleet leader. The above screen shows that the two escort ships are 282 ly and 57 ly from their leader, but they both have almost a full tank of fuel and a full load of ord and repair units.

To view the overview screen of any of the fleet members simple click on the ship on the fleet screen and it will become the hammer object. You can then view the ship's overview screen. To remove the ship from the fleet all you need to do is clear the ship's escort target.

You can issue fleet wide orders to the fleet using the fleet wide orders button.

You can have all the ships do one of the following options:

Match Speed: All the ship match the fleet leader's speed

Match Waypoint: All the ship set thier waypoint to match the leader's waypoint. This comes in handy when the fleet leader is lost in battle, it will give all the fleet members a secondary place to travel to.

Match Attack: All the ships in the fleet match the fleet leader's attack orders

Match Scanner: All the ship in the fleet turn on or off their scanners to match the same scanner settings as the fleet leader.

All Hyp On: All the ships in in the fleet turn on their hyper drives if they have one

All Hyp Off: All the ships in the fleet turn their hyoer drives off if they have one

Share All: All the ships in the fleet turn on all their fuel, ord, and repair unit shareing switches. The ships will beam the items back and forth as needed.

Also see Groups For a different way of grouping ships

Dec 29, 2003