Files Screen


The files screen can keep track of up to 12 different games at once. To have planets4.exe lock onto the RST files just drag the RST file from any Windows file folder to the planets4.exe files screen. Planets4.exe will automatically place the data in the first free game slot. It will remember the path to the file that you dragged the file from. If a new RST appears in that directory in the future planets4.exe will detect it. Watch the message bar at the top of the planets4.exe screen to find out which slot the RST file was moved to.

You can also use the RST path and TRN path buttons to set new paths for the slot.

When a slot has an active RST path the path will be watched for new RST files at that location on the hard drive. If a new RST file is found planets4.exe will make a copy of the RST file and place it in the WAR\SLOT? sub directory. The RST files at the target RST path will not be deleted. The copy of the RST file in the WAR\SLOT? will be named ETA?.RST.

The green boxes in the above display shows that RST files have been found for players 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the hard drive at the RST path. These files are current and copies have been made of the RST files and placed in the WAR\SLOT1\ sub directory.

The yellow boxes in the above display indicates that player 2, 3 and 4 have already been unpacked. When the RST files were unpacked a WAR files was placed in the WAR\SLOT1\ directory.

When you play the game any move you make will be saved into the WAR file automatically. You can exit the program and restart it later and none of your moves will be lost. If you wish to add more moves you can use the Play Saved File to reload the WAR file and continue playing.

Pushing the Make TRN File button will make a TRN file. This is the file that is returned to host with all your new moves. A copy of the TRN file will be placed in the WAR\SLOT1\ directory. If there is an active TRN path a copy of the TRN file will also be placed at the path location. The red boxes indicate that TRN files have been made for player 2 and player 3. A TRN file has not yet been made for player 1 or 4.

The host properties button lets you set a host email address and subject line. This is the address that you would like your outgoing TRN files sent. The subject line is the subject line that the host will see when he receives your message with an attached TRN file. You can set a different host address and subject for each game slot.

Use the EMail Account button to set your own email address and SMTP mail server. The above example email address is and my mail server is Your SMTP mail server should be something similar.

If you have a valid email address and server and a valid host address you can use the email TRN button to email the TRN file to the host of the game, if you are playing by email. This should work for most people. If your SMTP server refuses to send the email from planets4.exe you can always use your email client to send the file from the \WAR\SLOT directory. The above display will tell you the name and path to the TRN file that you will need to send in.

If you are hosting the game on your own machine all that you have to do is set the RST and TRN paths to the directory with the game`s YIG file. From then on planets4.exe will watch for and import new RST files and export TRN files to the correct directory. Master will automatically do this for you.

Planets4.exe can be left open and running while host is running. The two programs will not interfere with each other.

If the RST path is a Download Directory you should make sure the planets4.exe FILES window is closed until after the download of new RST file(s) is complete. Otherwise planets4.exe will try to read a half downloaded RST file. You can keep planets4.exe running, just close the files window.

Jan 12th, 2004