Exotic Tech

The exotic tech screen can be found on the central command ( HQ ) screen.

These are all very special tech bonus factors that you can buy at an initial cost level. You then must pay a maintenance price each turn to keep the special tech. In the above screen the player is buying Stage 2 Pod Kicker B and a Stage 2 Pod Kicker C. This means that if the player had the required funds ( 35000 mc ) the first turn all the pods this player launches would have a +50 ly per turn speed bonus as long as the player continues to pay 7000 mc a turn in maintenance fee to keep this tech.

The player in the above screen has a big problem, they only have 2530 mc in the galactic bank. They will have to add alot more funds to the galactic account to buy these exotic techs or else the bonus will not take effect. The player can use the government center base building to transfer up to 10000 mc to the galactic account per turn.

The above screen shows the 8 different exotic techs that you can buy for your ships and pods. These special bonuses apply to all your pods and all the ships that you have already in the game. All ships will gain extra shield power and all pods will gain extra speed in mid flight when you buy the approperate tech.

Not all techs will help you, if you are the Robot race buying the bonus colonist growth rate will not do you a bit of good. There are other techs that are far more interesting for the Robots like the Sokazul Pulse, that causes all races to have a growth rate of zero! That does not hurt you one bit because all your colonists are built out of metal by insectoids. Causing all other races to suddenly drop to a zero growth rate is a very good thing. . . well unless they all get really upset with you and decide to all attack you for being so mean.

Not everything works as good as you would assume. Others have interesting bonus effects. Here are a few things to remember.

The Transphased World Crusher tech always works when it is on, however the World Crusher Missile only has a 33% chance of taking out the enemy base.

The Nem Shield Tech claims to make your fighters immune to Nemesis Torpedoes, but it only protects 50% of them. The Evil Empire's fighters enjoy 80% protection using the Nem Shield Tech. The Aczanny have a natural 30% to 70% protection from Nemesis Torpedoes and buying Nem Shield Tech does them no good at all.

Energized Sand causes the Sand Shield Tech to fail to protect fighters. It also causes sand casters to have a 25% bonus to hit the target enemy ship, it causes Concussion Rockets to miss the incoming sand caster blast 50% of the time, a 50 point extra amount of shield drain, the sand to arcs through 2000 units of ship armor, and does 20% ship system damage per hit.

The Anti Fighter Computer causes all PD weapons to have 3x range and have +30% odds of hitting an enemy fighter and then a 60% chance of getting past the fighter's armor. ( PD Weapons normally have a 40% chance )

All other exotic techs do what you would expect, the Ion Deflector makes your ship completely immune to ground base ion cannons.

Nov 29, 2003