Data Pads


A data pad can not be used to issue any commands, the data pad only displays data. You have access to two data pads from the space command panel , the hammer data pad and the anvil data pad. The data pads are linked to the current hammer and anvil objects. If you select a new hammer or anvil object the corresponding data pad will switch to displaying the new object. If the object picture is framed in green the object belongs to you. If the object is framed in red the object belongs to an enemy race. Any object that you can see can be displayed in the data pad. Data on enemy ships will be limited at times. Ships that are on the outer edge of your sensor range will show up as nothing more than an unknown sensor contact. Data on an enemy ship might not always be 100% accurate. For example, you can not tell the differance between enemy crew, colonists, troops, and high guard.

Jan 11, 2004