Data Grid


The Data Grid gives you a sorted list of objects. Use the Type drop down menu to select the type of object that you would like to have in the list. Then select a sort method, the above list is sorted in order of unmined molybdenum from the greatest to the smallest amounts.

Every list has the columns DX H and DX A, if you have a hammer object currently selected the DX H column will display the distance from the hammer object to this object in light years. The DX A gives you the distance to the currently selected anvil object.

You have a choice of displaying your objects, neutral objects, and enemy objects.

When you have an object selected on the grid you can use one of the three function buttons. The hammer button makes the grid item become current hammer object on the space command panel . The anvil button makes the grid item become the anvil object. The map button displays the position of the object on the main star chart .

Jan 11, 2004