Command Codes

Ship Command Codes:

NCH No Chunnel or Jump

BDM Beam Down MC D T M

BDF Beam Down Fuel (All but 60kt)

BDA Beam Down MC D T M S Fix Tr Col HG Food Med

BDP Beam Down MC Tr Col HG

ORD or BUO Beam Up Ord

BUS Beam Up Supplies

MET (Aczanny Only) Cargo Desk makes a pod full of metal cargo

BDO Beam down ord

BUR Beam up repair

BUS Beam up supplies

NID (Scavenger Q Ships only) New ID

JOE Only the escorting ships will jump point and warp chunnel will jump with the ship
If the jumping ships uses the code only escorting ships will jump with the ship.
If any ship uses the code and it is next to a jumping ship the ship using the code will not jump.

Base Command Codes

GBA Give base away to another race on this planet, if there are more than one other race on the planet you have no control of who the base is given to

TNT Destory the base. You must have a ship in orbit and no colonists on the base.

EPA Destroys all mines on the base

USA Destroys all labor camps and labor mines on the base

CIA Deletes the hull plans on the base

Jan 11th, 2004