Fighter and Pod Bays ( Ship )


Pod Bays and Fighter Bays

Fighter Bays: Some ships have fighters bays. A ship can have between 0 and 20 fighter bays. Fighter bays hold fighter wings, if a wing is so large that it will not fit in a single fighter bay the wing will try to use more than a single bay if there are more than one empty bays available. The number of fighters that will fit on a ship are determined by the hull design.

For example: A fighter wing with 95 fighters docks with a ship with 5 empty fighter bays all 40 units in size. The wing fits into 3 ship bays, leaving 2 bays empty. Another wing with up to 80 fighters can still dock with this ship filling the remaining 2 empty bays.

Ships with fighter factories can build new wings in deep space using just money alone. They can refill their fighter bays on the move.

Any time a docked fighter wing is given a new waypoint or movement order it will undock with the ship and fly off on its own.

Fighter wings require refueling, fighter wings can refuel by docking with a fighter bay or by just ending the turn next to one of your own ships reguardless if it has a fighter bay or not. A small freighter can refuel any number of fighter wings, just by having the wings end movement parked on the ship.

The ship can be set to replenish fighters in the fighter wings docked in the ship bays.

The ship command code BIG will cause all the fighters docked in the bays to merge together into one big wing and then the remaining empty bays will be filled with new fighter wings.

A wing will desolve if ordered to dock with a ground base, all the fighters will end up in storage.


Pod Bays: Ships have from 0 to 20 cargo bays. Cargo bays hold cargo pods. Each cargo pod holds one cargo pod no matter what the mass of the cargo pod is. Cargo pods do not add to the mass of the ship and do not cause ship to have to burn extra fuel to move the pods.

Pods can be orders to undock when they reach a drop target and the pod will automatically drop off the ship and stay in space.

Pods can also be ordered to dock with ships that fly by by setting the ship as the pod's dock target.

Wings and pods docked in bays and pod bays are protected from most attacks and can not be seen by enemy scanners.

Nov 30, 2003