To place a message buoy on the map for other races to see you must first use the tool bar`s virtual point feature to draw a virtual point anywhere on the map. Select the virtual point making it the hammer object on the space command panel. Now click the open command screen button on the space command panel: the point will instantly become a message buoy.

The default settings allow each player to have no more than 20 buoys.


The races grid allows you to select which races you would like to see the buoy at all distances at all times. All race numbers that are lit up green will see the buoy at all ranges. The races that are greyed out can never see this buoy.

The buoy has the energy to last 100 turns before disappearing.

You can name the buoy anything that you wish. Other races scanning the buoy will be able to see the name of buoy and will be able to read the message using the data pad .

Host 181

Nov 22nd, 2003