Building New Ground Structures


This is the screen that you can use to select which buildings you would like to have built on the base. In the above display the blue light indicates that there is a request to build new factories. The Smelter is listed in green text, this means this planet is all clear to build the item if there are enough supplies and cash to do so. The grey items, like the Pod Launch Pad, are at their maximum allowed numbers and no more can be built, or your race is restricted from building this type of building. The red items, like the Air Attack Base, are of too high a tech and can not be built. You can place an order for any number of items and they will be built in the most logical sequence. Factories, labor camps and some farms are built first because of their importance to the production of supplies which are needed to build more buildings. Cities, Under Cities, the rest of the Farms and Smuggler`s Cantinas are built second because of their importance in the production of Megacredits. If there is any Megacredits and supplies left over the base will attempt to build any of the other structures that have been selected to be built. As items are built they are removed from the build queue. If at a later time you decide not to build a structure you can simply cancel the build order. Items that are selected will stay in the build queue until they are either built or the order to build the structure is canceled.

The only items needed to build any of these structures are supplies and megacredits, metals are not needed to build ground buildings.

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Basic Strctures:

Government Center
Training Center
Mineral Mine
Pod Pad
Military Spaceport
Raid Shelter
Public Space Port
Med Lab
Engine Plant
Fighter Plant
Part Factory
Weapons Plant
Ordnance Plant
Anti Aircraft Gun
Laser Cannon
Air Attack Base
Assault Plant
Ion Cannon
Under City

Some Race Special Buildings

Note: Not all Race Special Buildings are displayed here and you should reference the Official Race guide for the race in question for a more detailed description of Race Special Buildings.

Smuggler`s Cantina
Labor Camp
Labor Mine

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