Build Ship Parts


The ship parts ordering screen allows you to place an order for more ship parts, fighters and ground assault craft. If you have the metals and Megacredits the items will show up the next turn in the base`s parts storage area. You can place orders for things that you do not have the metals and Megacredits to build. The items will be built at a later time when you have the metals and Megacredits required. You can change your order at any time. All parts orders are saved from turn to turn and do not go away unless you delete them or the item is built.

Small Weapons, Large Weapons, PD Weapons, Super Weapons, Engines, Hyperdrives, Generators, Shields, and Armor are all used to build ships. Fighters are used to form fighter wings which can be launched into space or used with Assault Vehicals. Assault Vehicals are used to ground attack enemy bases and are moved from base to base inside of assault pods that are launched from pod pads.

The green lights right of the part type select grey buttons let you know that there are pending orders for this type of part. From the green lights we know that there is an order for Large Weapons, and Engines. Since Large Weapon is the currently selected type of part you can see a list of all Large Weapons available. Items in red can not be built because the tech level required is too low. You can still place an order with the hopes of gaining the required tech level in the future.

The yellow lights just left of the list of large weapons and right of the grey type select buttons are there to let you know that there is an order for this item.

After the items are built the ship parts are stored until a later time when they can be placed on a newly built ship. The fighters and assault vehicals are ready at once to defend the base from enemy ground attacks.

The Total Order Cost listings are of the total amount of metals (Duranium, Tritanium and Molybdenum) and Megacredits required to build all the selected items of all types. The In Storage listings are of the amounts of metals and Megacredits that are in storage at the base. Many parts require one or more of the three metal types to build the item. The bottom left corner of the screen shows you how much Duranium, Tritanium and Molybdenum you have in storage at the base. It also lists the amount of megacredits you have available. Under that you have the amount that you are currently spending on the sum total of all your parts orders.

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Nov 18th, 2003