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The Friendly Code of the base can be given to allies and they will be able to transfer materials up from your base into the hull of their ship. Any race can transfer material down to a base, but the Friendly code of the Base and the other race's ship must match for them to transfer material up from your base.

The Command Code allows you to send a simple commands to objects that respond to command codes.

Base Command codes include:
USA = Destroy all labor mines and labor camps.
GBA = Give Base Away, the base is given away to another race that has a base on the planet. If more than one race has a base on the planet the base will be given randomly to one of them.
EPA = Destroy all mines and smelters on the base.
TNT = Destroy the base. This only works if you have no colonists in the base and you have a ship over the base.
CIA = Destroy alien ship plans stored on the base.
DOC = Destroy all the cities on the base.
NOG = Do Not to Gather stuff from the planets surface.

You can rename the base to be anything you wish, all other races that scan your base on the planet will see this name.

You can read the planet`s current hyperdimensional stress level and change in stress level. Keep in mind that if a planet`s stress level exceeds 1000 units the planet is in danger of exploding.

As you can see the Base ID is different from the Planet ID. The base exists as an object independent of, but affixed to the planet. The base draws from the common pool of resources that all bases on the planet share. All bases share a common pool of farm land, minerals and natives.

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Nov 30th, 2003