Climate, Soil and Farms (Horticulture)

The climate rating is a number ranging from 0 to 100. A rating of 0 is very cold and a rating of 100 is very hot. The type of star that the planet orbits is the primary factor in determining the climate of a planet. Colder stars have the coldest planets orbiting them. The hotter stars such as blue giants have the hottest planets orbiting them.

Most races need a planet with a favourable climate rating, for example, between 40 and 60 to have working farms. If the planet is too hot or too cold the farms will not produce food or megacredits. Check your favourable climate rating from the Race Stats.MDIBAR2.gif

A Base Structure: Terraformer or special Ship Devices like the Global Warmer or the Global Icer in orbit around the planet can change the temparture of a planet.

The soil rating is the maximum number of farms that the planet can support at any one time. If there is more than one base on a planet the total collective number of farms on all bases cannot excees the soil rating of the planet. So get to those planets and build those farms first.

Farms produce both food and megacredits. Farms cost 5mc each and require 1 supply unit to build. Depending on host settings each farm requires 1000 colonists to build and operate (default setting) OR you can only build a maximum of 10 farms per turn (Please Consult your Host for the game setting).

Food is very important to your Empire and you should make sure that you never run out. There are many things that can affect your FOOD and your population can become very unhappy and ever die off without food.

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Aug 4th, 2003