Build New Ship

(Using a ground base)

You can build ships at any ground base that has a military space port. It is helpful if the base also has an engine plant and a weapons plant. From the base`s ship build screen you can select a hull type and parts to be placed on the ship. You can only use parts that have already been built and are in storage. The new ship will appear next turn.

Once you have built a prototype ship it can be viewed in the Quick Ship Build screen to quickly build exact copies of the same ship using only metals and megacredits.


The above is the final step in building a new ship. This ship has a full parts load out of the maximum number of weapons, power generators, and engines that it can have. This hull type can have up to 6 small weapons and it has a selection of 6 weapons to be mounted on the new ship. You are allowed to mount less than the full amount if you wish. You can also mix and match different small weapons, large weapons, point defence and generates as you see fit or as available parts allow, but you cannot mix and match engine parts. The engines must of of all the same type. The ship can be refitted later with a new set of weapons using an Outfit Pod.

This ship is having a very weak shield generator installed, it has a shield power of only 30 points which is very weak for a warship of this type. It is likely that this is the only shield type available at this time and the ship is needed in a big hurry. The ship can always meet up with an outfitting pod latter on and get a more powerful shield installed as a replacement.

Pressing the Clone button, if visible, shall make an exact copy of this ship that you are about to order. The Clone button shall remain visible while you have enough parts, minerals and megacredits to build an additional copy. So you can click the Clone button 100 times if you have the necessary materials to build 100 of those ships.

Pushing the Build Ship button will give the final order that this ship(s) are to be built. If you change your mind at a later time you can review this base`s pending orders, select the ship launch order that refers to the ship that you no longer wish to have built and delete the order.

This ship is able to be fitted with 70kt of active ship armor. It has its full armor amount on order.

The Select Hull and Parts Loadout buttons allow you access this screens two sub screens.



The hull select screen allows you to build any of the ships that you currently have the plans for. These plans include all the plans belonging to your own race plus the one plan that you might have stored in the base`s hull plan data bank. The above display is showing you that this ship can have up to 4 power generators. The maximum that any ship can have is 5. This ship has 2 hanger bays out of a possible 20 on the largest of fighter carriers. The hanger bays are small, with a size of 20 each, allowing this ship to carry a maximum of 40 fighters. (Two wings of 20 or one wing of 40) . See Ship Hull Details for more information.

If this screen gives you a column of all green lights, like the above display shows, you are all clear to build the ship. You have the hull tech level, the money and the minerals to put this hull together. If you get a red light and see that you are lacking money or metals you can look at the blue column on the right, you might have the needed metals and money in orbit around this planet in a pod or in a ship, if you do you can beam the metals down to the base and build this hull. (Note: If you are using remote commands or if you are beaming the materials from\to an ally you may have to wait until the next turn to build this hull)



The Parts Loadout screen. This screen is currently putting together a parts order for the Diplomacy Class Cruiser. The current part type that is selected is the small weapon. The Diplomacy Class has 12 small weapons slots. All 12 slots have laser weapons selected. If you had other types of small weapons, other than lasers, you could have mixed them in with the lasers in any mix or order that you wish. The weapons at the top of the list will draw power from the ship before the weapons further down the list in the event that the ship is unable to produce enough power to charge all weapons at the same time. The list on the far right shows that the base has 28 laser weapons remaining in storage after it has set aside the 12 that are going to be used on this ship. If the base has any other small weapon types to choose from they would have been listed in the box on the right.

Note the colour of the parts listed in the box on the right. If they are greeen then the hull can easily be equiped with these parts. If they are red then the hull cannot be equiped with those parts (The Part maybe too heavy for the hull type etc.). If they are yellow then they can still be equiped to the hull but the hull shall restrict a characteristic of that part, for example, a displayed yellow 'Shield Part' shall be restricted to the max shielding level for that hull type (i.e. a GS-BFS 3000 Shield on a ship with a max shielding level of 900 shall be restricted to 900 shields) or a displayed yellow 'Engine Part' shall be restricted to the max speed allowed for that hull type (but you could concerve fuel of a larger engine, according to the fuel burn rating of that engine).

The left and right direction arrows moves the maximum number of selected parts onto the ship (the middle box), or back into the Bases storage of parts (the box on the right).

The energy rating is the amount of energy that the ship can produce using the currently selected engines and generators. This energy is used for charging the ships weapons. If all the weapons that have been selected are charging all at once they will drain 23 units of power, since the ship can only produce 6 units of power the weapons will be very starved for power. Their rate of fire will be cut to about 25% of what they could be if the ship was providing the full power demanded by the weapon recharge drain. This ship can be mounted with large weapons up to 50 kt in size.

This ship has a Ord Volley rating of 5. This means that if the ship fires all its weapons at once it will use a total of 5 ord units. This ship can hold 3500 ord units so it will take a very long time for this ship to run out of ord in a fight if it starts the fight with a full load of ord..

The two engines that have been selected have a maximum speed of 13 ly a turn. This is far below the hull`s rated top speed of 120 ly a turn. What we have here is a slow, energy starved ship with very weak shields. This ship is doomed to have a very short and rough life ahead of it, if it ends up in a fight.

The parts listed on the far right side are parts that have been built in the past and are currently in storage at this base. You must put in your order for new ship parts at least 1 turn before you plan on building a new ship. Any unused parts will remain in storage until you need them. You can place an order for parts from the Build Ship Parts screen which you can access by pressing the o hot key.

Quick Summary:

1) Build Necessary Parts.

2) Build a New Ship with the Built Parts.

3) Issue Commands to your newly Built Ship(s).

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Jan 11, 2004