V3 Strategy Guide

Books Available:


Juniper's Guide To The Fascists

by George Morrow

June 2, 1998


The Borg

by Derek J. Kalweit

March 29, 1998


Collective Consciousness:
Autarch’s Guide to the Cyborg

by Autarch, League Of Admirals

Aug 3, 1998


Dreadlord Battle Manual

Ramutis Giliauskas
Dec. 18, 1994
edited -- Tim Vanderhoek

August, 1997
html -- Ben Tremblay
(by order of Archon)


Glittering Webs: A Guide for Playing the Crystals in VGA Planets

This compilation was assembled by M. L. Maurer, in February, 1998



Glistening Gems: Autarch's Guide to the Crystals

April 1, 1998



The Rebel's Handbook

By Mr. X


Guide to The Colonies of Man

By: C. D. Clagett, The Ultimate Admiral



The Conrad Lesnewski Survival Guide

The Solar Fedration

It Ain't Easy Being Green

A Bird in the Hand Is Worth . . .

The Care and Feeding of Planets

By Conrad Lesnewski



Early-game Strategy

By Jurjen Niezink



Host Online Doc Files

By: Tim Wisseman