Third Party VGAP Software


Play against the computer player using winplan, helpful in learning to play the game. Requires winplan installed on your system.

Download: ( July 30th, 2002)


GUI Frontend for HOST.EXE, helps you host games.

Download: (Updated March 3rd, 2002)

The Last Domain VGA Planets Archive


Echolist 2
Excel Sheet For Echoview

An excel-sheet (97/2000) for Echoview 1.2 or better
It works with the three DBF files from echoview.

Download: (Updated Feb 1, 2001)



Become your own host with
PlanetMasters Host Control Center

Version 1.0 is out now!

August 23, 1998

Well, the dream of every VGA Planets player is to become a game host (isn't it?). To serve this dream Bernd Ruf has a solution for you - his PlanetMasters Host Control Center/32 (PHCC)!

PHCC Version 1.0:
PHCC is designed to host VGA Planet games automatically and create/update host web sites without server-based applications and without any scripts.
PHCC is an intuitive program so you may host your first game within minutes and without wading through large help files. PHCC has gateways to the most common mail clients so it can process TRN/RST sendings by its own. PHCC also handles all of the players administration and game mastering. Also a complete web html generation of your site is implemented and you have only to upload the files to your provider (check out Bernds
VGA planet web service)

PHCCs features:
Automated RST/TRN handling
Automated player administration
Complete web site generation
Complete message handling
Native 32bit code
Up to 65000 games
Up to 715000 players ...if you find so much :-)

PHCCs System requirements:
Windows 95/98/NT (of course)
A MAPI mail client (MS Outlook/Eudora...)


Version 103

Tactical VCR is a mass combat system, which uses specific tactics,
speeds and primary target sets for each ship. By using varying tactics
fleets will be better able to engage the enemy in battle and survive.
Ships are no longer be required to go in and slug it out at point blank
range until they are dead.



Version 3.05 April 23, 2000

SpaceLord is a substitute for a human player in VGA Planets (version 3). It
can be used to play against if no human players are available or it can be
used to replace human players who are no longer playing.

Unlike all other similar programs known to us, SpaceLord is a player-side tool.
That means it uses the data from RST-Files to generate the data for TRN-Files
instead of writing to the host data directly. It once did that, but we have
changed that bad habbit...
This means that the SpaceLord does NOT cheat. Period. It doesn't cheat because
we don't want it to and because it simply can't without the host noticing it.


A sophisticated host enhancer.


The world famous player utility, star chart and database for VGA Planets for MS Windows.


Jupiter is an add-on that combines the power and convenience from Nemesis and Gryphon with even more features, including alliance support,
host-999, Windows Help file, and windows config program with global on/off switches for Nemesis and Gryphon abilities. With 68 special abilities designed for both power and convenience and over 120 configurable options, you will never lack an appropriate tool to rain destruction on your opponents!


With the addon Unity every player getīs several options to backstab his enemy or support his economy, like amorphous support, remote minefield laying or free torpedo building, just to give three examples. It has also unique options like renaming planets and races without host interference.



Wouldn't it be nice to be able to click on Make TRN in Winplan and automatically have your TRN file emailed to your VGAP Host! Well now you can! Gain complete control (or lack of) your TRN Files.


Overlord - VGA Planets Hosting Editor

Overlord is a Windows based, host side utility for VGA Planets games.

Overlord was written to assist a person in hosting a VGA Planets game.
It has the ability to ADD, DELETE, and MODIFY just about everything
associated with VGAP. Some
uses include creating game scenarios, monitoring game progress, editing
planets, starbases, ships, ion
storms, mine fields, some UFO add-ons, and creating a final battle.



AHOST is a addon for VGA Planets. For more information ahost.txt

Or you can download it by clicking here:

AHOST is no longer supported, however there is a new version of AHost known as ABHost written by another programmer at the ABHost web site

Worm Hole 5.05
Written by: Admiral Coeyman

Dec 16, 1998

Wormhole v5. A VGA Planets add-on. Wormholes allow instant movement across the galaxy, but they're not always very safe.

Tolls now detect the alliance feature you included in the host program. It's a complete assembly rewrite of my program which uses about 1/10th the memory of the original. Worm holes will even act like ion storms. They appear, move a bit, then vanish to be replaced with new holes.

Download Wormhole 5.05


The GAMBLER v4.00

Set an alliance-limit and watch it
Give one or more of your planets to an ally per planet fc
Make big battleships
Take 6 more beamweapons to your existing 4
Make out of one of your old tubs with tech 6 engines a nice tech 10 speeder
Let your damaged ships be repaired wherever they are
Your bases lay, sweep and scoop up minefields
Maintain an account on the starbank
Build / destroy / repair / search stable wormholes and of course fly through them
Generate a final battle with all ships at the center of the universe
Buy and sell ships... and so on ... and so on ...

No annoying writing in any auxhost?.ini's or cryptic config-files any more! The Gambler has its' own setup. You can use all functions together, or only a single one, as you desire.

The Gambler is a dpmi based program. That means you need a dpmi-server to run the gambler.exe. It runs under all systems which can support dpmi-memory. Also unix / linux-users can use The Gambler but they have to use the dos-emu. OS2 and Windows-users don't need a dpmi-server because these systems have its own. The Gambler has been written for host / host999 and the phost and was tested under these programs.

Another Kill Race v2.00

AKR is a program for VGA-Planets v3.xx to delete whole races like the killrace.exe's for host and phost. But it works with both versions of host (also host999) / it deletes more as the original programs / it's easy to use and faster. It's a part of The Gambler v4.xx. This stand alone exe is only for user who don't want to use The Gambler for each game and want in spite of it a single killrace.exe for both host versions.


March 15, 1998

HTMLhull creates a HTML file from a HULLSPEC.DAT file. FREEWARE.

Advanced VCR

June 15, 1998
Version 1.30.000
Advanced VCR is an addon program that allows to resolve battles at higher level of details than HOST.EXE. Other news include Intercept & Cloak mission, support for ship-lists with up to 20 beams, 20 tubes, 20 fighter bays and more...The Advanced VCR Viewer (VCR.EXE) has been released also as separate product. The Advanced VCR Viewer now handle and display internally the battles generated by HOST, and may be used without the AVCR add-on !

Requires HOST Version 3.22.017 or better

VGA Plus

June 15, 1998
Companion for VGA Planets HOST
by Maurizio Benvenuti ( ).

This addon adds these new fuctions:

  • Command Processor
  • Extended Missions
  • Remote Ship Control
  • Autodestruction
  • Recycle ships & store hull
  • Build fighters
  • Maintenance ships
  • Bases lay/sweep/scoop minefields
  • Starfleet summary
  • Alliances Status message
  • Build Queque message
  • Alternative Score

  • Gryphon

    Graphon adds new abilities designed for power (such as Asteroid Bases, Moving Mines, Fighter Steal, Fighter Base Assault, Antifighter Mines, Tanks and Combat Robots, Orbital Bombardment, and Warp Interdictors) and convenicence (such as Ion Control, Exchange Ships, Sell mines/defenses/Starbases, Move Natives, and Space Gambling). Never before could you have and add-on with 40 new abilities and almost 100 configurable options for balancing them against one another. With Gryphon, you will never lack an appropriate tool to rain destruction on your opponents!

    Armaggedon 1.4 a add-on for VGA Planets 3.x

    You are a VGA Planets host and want to end your game in a really brain-blasting way? You love fireworks and label yourself as pyromaniac?
    Then Armaggedon is what you've searched for! It will generate a final battle at a definable point at the universe.

    FREEWARE by ViSiON Arts
    Author is Matthias Bauer <>

    Surrender 3.2c a add-on for VGA Planets 3.x

    When the situation becomes hopeless (e.g. you lost all good bases), many people tell host to KILLRACE them. But many people think that this is unfair. When you battle a race to death, you want to get something from this. With Surrender, this becomes possible. You can surrender to your enemies, giving them your planets, bases, ships and even minefields (all host configurable). But your enemy doesn't have to acknowledge this surrender, so he can fight you to the last if he wants. To perform a surrender with giving away everything he must acknowledge.
    Surrender gives you a completely new aspect in VGA Planets.
    FREEWARE by ViSiON Arts
    Author is Matthias Bauer <>

    SHIPS 98

    June 15, 1998
    This program allow you to know all of ships-list you're using in yours VGAP Games. The user-friendly interface (Windows 95 style) and his special features, put Ships 97 in the elite of ships-list displayer programs.

    Trade 1.3

    Sept 26, 1997
    For VGA Planets

    (Host 3.20 or greater)

    Trade is an add-on for VGA Planets. This program allows you to buy and sell ships between all the races of the Echo Cluster.
    Jump to the home page of Trade

    FTP: Download Trade Addon

    1st Corsarian's Satellital Bank

    Version 0.60 á
    Sept 3, 1997

    1BANCO is an Add-On for VGA Planets. This Add-On allows you to buy and sell minerals, supplies and fighters in the Corsarian's Stock Exchange and to deposit money in the Bank (to collect interest). The Bank will even allow you to request loans!

    The Corsarians are shrewd investors. They know they are bringing a valuable commodity to the Echo Cluster; as such, the prices of the stuff in the Corsarian Satellites will rise, and fall, to meet supply and demand.

    Trade 1.3

    Trade is an add-on for VGA Planets. This program allows you to buy
    and sell ships between all the races of the Echo Cluster.

    The echo cluster is a small area of space, where some races have
    some disagreements with their territories, they are trying to expand them-
    selves, trying to make their Empire more powerful. Not far away from there,
    a Corsarian station has stopped to investigate the abnormal movement of the
    area, and they sent several ships to collect some imformation about the
    trade possibilities.

    The Corsarians looked astonished that those races' low engine tech
    levels, and that they take a lot of time to move themselves between the
    planets. Thanks to the high dominance of hyperspace, the Corsarians
    offered their services to their new neighbors.

    FTP: Download Trade 1.3


    Sept 2, 1997

    Routeplan is a dos utility for VGA-Planets, which manages trivial fleet infrastructure tasks. You can use it to set up a route, by defining a set of waypoints, and then tell it what a ship should do at that waypoint.

    You can have a ship

    A powerful tool to administrate your infrastructure.


    Aug 24, 1997
    Sphere v. 1.2

    Overview -
    Sphere is a host add-on product for VGA Planets. It will convert any VGA Planets map that adheres to the standard coordinate system (1000 to 3000) into a torus, allowing ships that travel off one side of the map to reappear on the opposite side (e.g. a ship on the southern edge of the map can travel 100 lys south and be at the northern edge of the map). The default "seam" is 50 lys from the edge of the standard (i.e. X or Y <950 or X or Y> 3050) but this may be configured to accomodate "compressed maps" (e.g. a map of 350 planets with all planets between 1500 and 2500).

    This should make the game a bit tougher. No longer can a player put all his forces on his front lines and leave his rear areas undefended. The increasingly popular "Invasion" games should be a bit more challenging as Homeworlds may come under attack from the other side of the map. It should also end the complaint of those players who find themselves stuck in a corner of the map without any decent planets - just move to another corner.

    History -

    version 1.0 - Released
    version 1.1 - Universe Seam made configurable
    version 1.2 - Bug with tracking ships the turn they went over the seam fixed.
    Execution moved to take advantage of new host AuxBC.ini - this makes travelling
    across the seam a natural part of movement. Ships may be attack (or be attacked),
    pillage, RGA the same turn they arrive over the seam. This is not possible when
    Sphere is run in Auxhost2.ini (the only thing available when Sphere was first written).

    FTP: Download Sphere Version 1.2


    Aug 15, 1997
    ZedPlan is a tracking utility for VGA Planets. Over the course of a game, ZedPlan will track the histories of ships, planets, bases, and scores, and provides a one-stop-shop for your favourite VGA Planets tools. For Windows 95 and NT.


    Updated Aug 7, 1998
    Score helper
    SCORE.LOG -> HTML converter
    A fully configurable, feature rich HTML Creation Utililty that let's you create the look and feel of your web page. Now you are not confined to what others feel a web page should look like. You can create a new design or use an existing page. Dynamically post Scores, Player Names and/or Email addresses all while keeping the style of your site. The Web is not a static place anymore.

    InterNet HTM
    Score MAKER

    If you run VGA PLANETS and have a WEB PAGE, YOU NEED THIS!!! This will read you SCORE.LOG on all your games, and will make a HTM file for your web page. It will also let the viewer send EMAIL to the players if they have E-MAIL address

    Visit Score Maker Home Page

    Tyranny v1.2

    Most players are just regular Leaders of a race, but to be a real Tyrant you've got to control the flow of information very, very tightly! The one who knows the most has the best chance to win. So the whole deal is to squeeze the most information out of your game data.

    Tyranny will read your game data and compare your empire to all other empires using easy ratios and percentages. It will keep track of the maximum number of ships, planets, starbases. It will also show you the differences between the game data of the previous turn, the current game and the maximum number of ships, planets etc. recorded.

    Tyranny was written to be called from a DOS batch file every turn, and writes the statistics to a plain text output file. It will therefore run smoothly in the background and you only have to view this output file to get the most recent info. Tyranny offers information no other VGAP util gives. An ultimate challenge for the statistic freaks.

    Tyranny is the third in a series VGAP utils called Timo's Tools.
    Tyranny is considered to be ShareWare. This ShareWare version available for downloading here will be fully functional in till august 1997. After that it will only work for all first 25 turns of any game. An unlimited version is available by the author for an equivalent of US$ 5. Please read the information enclosed in the Tyranny archive file for details. This release includes Hypertext formatted (HTML) docs. Unzip the TDOC_HTM.ZIP file into a separate directory.

    Update info:

    v1.2    May 1997         * added a config file with to give the user more
                               control over Tyranny.
                             * modified the command line interface
                             * bugfix: games without capital ships caused
                               Tyranny to crash (Wandering Tribes scenario)
    v1.1    April 1997       * added an option to select the races to display in
                               the Stats.txt file.
                             * modified the command line interface
                             * added Priority Build Point parameters
    v1.0    November 1996    Initial Release

    Get it now: (83 kB)

    Computer Players!


    Admirmals Web Site

    Cplayer - The first and worst of the breed

    FTP: Download Cplayer

    FTP Cplayer Source Code

    FTP: German Language Cplayer

    Web Site of: Hier bekommst du die neusten Versionen unserer Programme.


    Radiation from battles over planets fall into the planets atmosphere. The amount per VCR depends on the type and number of weapons used. A planet will pick up some of the radiation discharged in battle. This usually won't be too harmful unless a series of battles takes place over a single planet.

    FTP: Download Fallout Addon

    T Former

    T_FORMER speeds the terraforming of planets. For every three turns that a planet is being terraformed an additional degree of temperature change is gained per ship. If a ship leaves a planet and then comes back the sequence starts over. Here's a small idea of the increased terraforming.

    FTP: Download T Form Addon


    ATMAILS.ZIP - A RST-mailer for PC-Eudora
    FTP: Download (18k)

    ATMAP2.ZIP - A starmap generator
    FTP: Download (56k)

    BBS Doors for VGA Planets

    Wildcat 4.0 door written in wcCode
    FTP: Download (146k)

    Wildcat 5.0 door written in wcCode
    FTP: Download (81k)


    This utility allow players to send really easly their player?.trn over ftn nets (Fidonet Tecnology Network) as netmail uuencoded/zipped to the host. Format is *.MSG. A complete log will trace turn number, date, time, wich player?.trn as be sent. A copy of the player?.trn copy made as player?.xxx (xxx is turn number).

    FTP: Download Send Turn Addon

    BackUp (Player)

    Player utility: make backup in progress (zipped file with turn number as ext.)

    FTP: Download Player Backup

    HSTUTILS 1.0

    This is a very simple utility for Vga Planets Host. With multiple (!) purpose:

    1) It allow you to control what player?.trn are present before hosting, and stamp it on a log file called hstutils.log. It will also make a stattrn.log file that will conserve the history of all turn processing with there turn number (+1).

    2) It allow you to make a more readable score.log, with the turn number, individual player score and (if found teams.nm) team score. Optional with tons score.

    FTP: Download hstutils

    VP News

    This small host helper program reads the message data on the host system after host runs and generates a text news file that reports on battles that have taken place.

    FTP: Download vpnews 1.0

    Dan and Dave's Add-On programs

    Dan Gale and Dave Killingsworth have released several add-on programs for VGA Planets, such as Race Plus, Star Base Plus and many others. Dan's Page

    Captain Dave's Page Dave's Page

    SNOVA 1.20 Addon

    This is a 3rd party addon for host 3.2

    This VGA Planets add-on is an effort to "populate" the VGA Planets landscape, a feature wished for in the Planets newsgroup and elsewhere. It is a known fact, that the average distance between stars is about 3-4 light years (ly). However, not every star has a habitable planet. That is why the average distance between the VGAP planets is often tens or more ly. With the help of Super Nova add-on, these "uninhabitable" and therefore invisible on the maps stars can explode, or "go super-nova", inflicting tremendous amounts of damage to the neighboring space, destroying or damaging ships, planetary structures, and other types of hardware. The challenge here is to make maximum use of these nova stars, towing them closer to the enemy territory and detonating them as close as possible to his planets or ships (and then possibly move in with your own starfleet, mopping up the remnants of the enemy's damaged planets and shattered economy). FTP: Download Super Nova Host Addon