Collective Consciousness: Autarchís Guide to the Cyborg

Chapter 0: Intro.
Chapter 1: The Cyborg
	1a.) Race description
	1b.) Player mindset
	1c.) Settings
Chapter 2: Advantages
	2a.) Assimilation
	2b.) HYP Probes
	2c.) Chunneling
	2d.) Cube ships
	2e.) Debris Beam-in
	2f.) Cloning
	2g.) Repair Self
Chapter 3: Disadvantages
	3a.) No Medium Warships	
	3b.) Early Game Strength	
	3c.) Ship Costs
Chapter 4: Ship List
	4a.) Ship Armament/Engines for: 
		4a1.) HYP Probes
		4a2.) Fireclouds
		4a3.) Cubes
	4b.) Freighters
		4b1.) Small Deep Space Freighter
		4b2.) Medium Deep Space Freighter
		4b3.) Large Deep Space Freighter
		4b4.) Super Transport
Chapter 5: HYP Probes
	5a.) What they are
	5b.) Strategies for HYP Probes
		5b1.) Money carrier
		5b2.) Spy
		5b3.) Freighter Hunter 
		5b4.) Escape Pod
Chapter 6: Chunneling 
	6a.) The Firecloud
	6b.) What Chunneling is
		6b1.) How it works
	6c.) Chunnel Points
Chapter 7: Your planets/Bases
	7a.) Planets
		7a1.) How to colonize them
		7a2.) How to manage them
		7a3.) Planetary Strategies
	7b.) Bases
		7b1.) Where to build them
		7b2.) Defenses
		7b3.) Upgrading your tech levels
Chapter 8: Other Races as Allies and Enemies
	8a.) The Feds
	8b.) Lizards
	8c.) Bird Men
	8d.) Fascists
	8e.) Privateers
	8f.) Crystals
	8g.) Empire
	8h.) Robots
	8I.) Rebels
	8j.) Colonies

Chapter 9: Summary and Information

Chapter 0: Introduction

	Greetings once more. My name is Autarch, author of (by now) two
guides, concerning the Crystals and Robots. I have an Empire one coming
	I noticed that there was not a whole lot of stuff out there, and
decided to make my mark in the VGAP community. So I sat down, and wrote
the Guides for the ďForgotten Races.Ē And the Cyborg seem to be an almost
forgotten race as well. There isnít a whole lot of info out there on
them, and so I figured I could write ďjust one moreĒ Guide. 
	I personally use VGA Planets Assistant (VPA), and this Guide is
based on Host 3.22.023. I donít think that there have been significant
changes, especially concerning the Cyborg. If you like the Cyborg, you
are not alone. However, I do not claim to be an expert at VGAP, and your
using anything I say is, of course, at your own risk. 

Chapter 1: The Cyborg

	1a.) Race Description

	Letís see what the docs have to say about the Cyborg (Borg from
now on), and some abilities they have. 

	The  Cyborg are a half humanoid and half machine race. The
Cyborgs have many small scout ships and probes. These come in very handy
in finding their enemy's home world. The Cyborg battleship is the size of
two Birdmen battleships. 
	All damaged Cyborg ships can stop and repair themselves at a rate
of 10% per turn. The Cyborg are able to assimilate natives into
colonists. The assimilation rate can be configured by the host from 0% to
	The own one of the most feared weapons ever seen in the echo
cluster, the Firecloud Class Warp Chunneler, a ship that can deliver a
fleet of combat vessels to any point in space.
	The Cyborgs have some of the most powerful starships, the Cyborg
Cube ships.
	The Cyborg ships are able to repair in space at a rate of 10% per
month. A Cyborg ship that is repairing
cannot move.
	When a Cyborg ship destroys an enemy ship the hull debris and
fuel is beam aboard in the form of minerals.
	Cyborg colonists that are placed on a planet that has native
population will be assimilated into Cyborg
colonists. The natives are converted to Cyborg at a rate of one native
for every Cyborg on the planet.

	1b.) Player Mindset

	The Borg are a race that is perhaps one of the most difficult to
play. They lack medium warships. They assimilate natives, and you have to
capitalize on the natives if you want to build a base with good tech
levels. Their economy, in the beginning, is one of the worst. You are
easily destroyable in the first 10-18 turn of the game. You must have
time to coordinate your forces, and manage your planets. If you donít
have time to do your turns, donít play the Borg. 
	Once you survive, though, you have some of the most powerful
ships in the game. You can move anywhere in the Cluster. You can
exterminate anybody you please. So the Borg have some good pros, and
really bad cons. 

	1c.) Settings

	Here are some settings you should pay attention to:

	Hyper Drive Ships: YES
	- I wouldnít play the Borg without this. You need your HYP ship
to explore and grow like mad. 

	Firecloud Warp Chunnel: YES
	-I wouldnít play the Borg without this either. You need this ship
to link your vast empire, and to move cubes,
					freighters, and other things

	Cyborg Assimilation Rate: 100%
	-This means that for every Borg on the planet, one native is
turned into Borg.

	Ships with one engine can tow: YES
	-This lets your probe, upon discovering a freighter in orbit, to
tow it out and capture it. Handy to have, but 			not
life threatening. 

	Climate Limits Population: ???
	-Depends on what you want. This means that if you get a desert or
Arctic planet, you assimilate, and the your 	people die off from
the climate. It would be nice not to have this, and anyone could survive
anywhere, but 						you can
live with it turned on. 

	Ship Cloning: YES
	-This is helpful if you have allies who will give you decent
medium warships (something you lack.) 

Chapter 2: Advantages

	2a.) Assimilation

	Stated simply- you find the natives, you turn them into Borg.
This is where your assimilation rate kicks in. So you get a Siliconoid
Representative planet, with 8 million natives, you turn them into 8
million Borg. You have 200 clans, next turn, you have 400 clans, provided
that there is enough natives. If the number of Borg outnumber the
natives, next turn you will have no natives. You cannot assimilate
Amorphous Planets. 

	2b.) HYP Probes

	This lets you, with your assimilation, to spread all over the
Echo Cluster. More on HYP probes in Chapter 5. 

	2c.) Chunneling

	Chunneling lets you move massive fleets and unlimited amounts of
stuff anywhere in the Echo Cluster. Iíll explain the benefits of
Chunneling in Chapter 6. 
	*One thing to point out- you cannot chunnel if anyone (even
yourself) has a tow lock on your Firecloud.* 

	2d.) Cube Ships

	You have two of the most powerful ships in the Game- the Biocide
and Annihilation Cube Ships. 
	The Biocide is your fighter carrier. It has a mass of 860, but
the fighter cost is expensive, even for you. 
	The Annihilation is your torpedo boat. It has a mass of 960, and
is more efficient than the Biocide, unless you have allies who can
provide free fighters. 
	All in all, you have two big, tough, and heavy ships. 

	2e.) Debris Beam-In

	When you fight, and win, you usually blow up a ship. Most races
go ďHuzzah!Ē, and get a PBP or two. You get a PBP, and all the minerals
that made the ship up. Even if itís fuel. Nice to have deep in enemy
territory, or on the borders of your space. 

	2f.) Cloning

	You can clone those medium warships and cloakers that you get
from allies or from the plunder of war. Handy to have, to fill the gaps
in your fleet. 

	2g.) Repair Self mission

	The Borg can regenerate their ships (not crew members though) at
10% per turn. You donít move when you do this though, so you can be a
sitting duck too. 

Chapter 3: Disadvantages

	3a.) No Medium Warships

	You have your Cubes, and your Firecloud. Fireclouds wonít hold
their own in a battle, and Cubes are expensive in the beginning. The
closest thing you have is the Quietus Cruiser, with 1 torp tube. But
thatís it. 

	3b.) Early Game strength

	For the first part of the game, you are relatively weak because
of what was stated above. Here is where diplomacy kicks in- making sure
you survive the first 10-18 turns or so. 

	3c.) Ship Costs

	Your ships are pretty balanced mineral and cash wise. Itís just
that this balance is HUGE. You could easily build starbases for the costs
of your cubes. Steep, eh? And with no medium ships, well... you get the

Chapter 4: Ship List

	Here I am going to lay down the basics of your ships, and what to
put on them in regards to engines/weapons afterwards. These are the
default ship designs, as I know that there are more out there. Freighters
I will discuss next, but onto the warships: 

	B200 Probe (Beams: 2 Cargo: 15)
	This is your HYP ship. Useful booger. More on these guys in the
next chapter. 

	Watcher Scout: (Beams: 2 Cargo: 50 Fuel: 270)
	Not a bad ship, with a good fuel tank. Lack of beams hampers itís
effectiveness. I donít build Ďem. 
	Iron Slave: (Beams: 1 Bays: 2 Mass: 60) 
	Do NOT build this ship. It is too light, and has no offensive
capabilities. Waste of a shipslot. 

	B41 Explorer (Beams: 4)
	No use to build this either. Eat gets eaten easily by anything
with torps. 

	B222 Destroyer (Beams: 7) 
	Use this to burn fighters off the big carriers or starbases. It
is light, but the beams come in handy. 

	Quietus (Beams: 4 Tubes: 1)
	This isnít a bad ship. A local patrol boat, interceptor,
minelayer-it can be used to fulfill many roles. Arm it 	well. 
	Firecloud Class Cruiser (Beams: 6 Tubes: 2)
	The key to the Borgís success. I will get into the specific
functions/uses/strategies of the FC later on. Letís 	just say,
this ship lets you go anywhere it is, in one turn, with only **50** kts
of fuel burned. And 	remember- ANYWHERE. Your enemy is going to
pick them off, and these cannot fight. Guard them. 

	Biocide Class Carrier (Beams:10 Bays: 10)
	Nasty ship. Itís your fighter carrier, can fight a Gorbie and
occasionally limp away. Very useful against the 	Torp races, and
fighters shouldnít be a problem with the ton of mines/colonists
(read:cash) you have *later* 	in the game.

	Annihilation Class Dreadnought: (Beams:10 Tubes: 10)
	The Baddest Torp ship around. Only Fed Nova comes close. A fully
stocked Annie can be devastating, and 	way cheaper than a fully
stocked Biocide. 

	4a.) Ship Armament/Engines

	4a1.) HYP Probes

	Your HYP probes are mainly for exploration. They can be used to
zap enemy freighters, so put x-rays on them. Put crappy engines on them,
so you donít waste money. 
	Especially if the E/S Bonus is on, you donít want non-HYP races
getting a HYP ship. Big whoop you say. Cloned, a little probe can be a
nuisance. Especially in the hands of the Fed- super refit that puppy with
big weapons and you got a planet killer. 

	4a2.) Fireclouds

	The key to your survival/conquest. Put Transwarps on these guys,
and send them out. Watch them though. I usually put Disrupters and MK4s
on board to zap freighters, or protect it in a fight. But you donít want
these guys in a fight. Run if you have to, chunnel away if absolutely
necessary. But donít sacrifice the front line because a Cygnus is chasing
your FC. 

	4a3.) Cubes	
	Big and Bad. Gas Guzzlers too. I put HeavyDrive 6s at most on
them. Transwarps rarely, unless I have a ton of gas to use. Youíre going
to be using the FCs to transports them. 
	As for weapons, the Annies should get Heavy Blasters. They are
going to be using them to smash ships and 
such. The Biocides only need plasma bolts to shoot down other fighters,
or Heavy Blasters to kill torp ships.  Take your pick, and remember to
use the right Annie/Bio for the job. 

	4b.) Freighters

	You really can use any freighter in the game. 

	4b1.) SDSF (Small Deep Space Freighter)

	Handy to you, probably more than anyone else. Fill with half
colonists, half supplies. These guys are nice, but you should use MDSFs

	4b2.) MDSF (Medium Deep Space Freighter)

	The best in the early stages. Good for moving decent mineral
truckloads around, and most cloakers want bigger targets (LDSFs, or
STSF). Put Transwarps on them, and use them for colonizing too. 

	4b3.) LDSF (Large Deep Space Freighter)

	Donít colonize with these. Youíll assimilate to quick if you dump
1200 clans on a planet. Use them for mineral trucks, because youíre going
to need them. You can save and not put Transwarps on some, since youíll
use the Fireclouds to move them. Guard them ,because they are prized by

	4b4.) STSF (Super Transport Space Freighter (or something like

	Build these if you absoluely NEED to. For most cases, LDSFs
should suffice. 

	All in all, remember to use the small/medium for colonzie, and
LDSF/STSF for minerals major colonist transport. And guard them- a Swift
Heart or less with X-Rays and your ship is toast. 

	5.) HYP Probes

	5a.) What they are

	HYP probes are handy little ships that can carry a small amount
of clans/colonists. They can ďjumpĒ 340-360 lys (with the newer host
programs). In any direction, and only burn 50 Kts of fuel. That means if
you do it right, you can HYP from planet to planet, unseen. Without them,
the Borg are doomed. But because you assimilate, if you escape, with one
clan, you can come back. (And win, itís happened!) Without the HYP, you
canít expand the way you need to. But anyway, here are some basics: 

	5b.) Strategies for using the HYP Probes

	5b1.) Money Carrier

	Think, 350lys away, you have a planet making oodles of cash. But
normally, itís 4 turns away ONE WAY. Not with the HYP probe around.
Calculate, and ZIP, sheís there. And ready to carry up to 10,000mcs if
necessary (10 grand being the limit in the game for any ship). No way
someone can get it, unless they are attacking you at the same time your
probe drops out of hyperspace. 

	5b2.) Spy

	Test your enemies defenses. Put blasters on your ships, and send
a fleet into the heart of his empire. You kill freighters, get planets,
and start assimilating. Heíll freak out, thinking of all the natives
being turned into Borg (read: less cash when he gets the planet back).
Can really screw up an economy. 
	Shoot a couple into his space, and set mission to mine sweep.
They sweep (scan and shoot down mines) before HYPing out. And HYPing
ships canít get plastered with a mine.  Also, you make the enemy
uncomfortable to see enemy ships in the heart of his space.
Physchologically damaging. 

	5b3.) Freighter Hunter

	Put X-rays on the boogers and send them out. To the planets. They
see a ship (pray a freighter) and nail it. Very nice if the ship had a
ton of colonists on them, because they are all Borg now. Ground attack
your enemy, or assimilate a planet faster (especially good government one
(Monarchy, Unity)) or a race (Avian, Insectoid, Bovonoid). 

	5b4.) Escape Pod
	The Borg are weak in the early game. You are Number 1 on the
ďmust destroy earlyĒ list. So everyone (if they are smart) will go for
your throat. 

	Use the HYP probe fill it with cash a lot of supplies, and a few
clans. Have it ready to go in case all else fails. Then RUN. Bide your
time, and seek revenge later on.
	All in all, a multi-purpose ship. They help the Borg grow, and
without them, the Borg wouldnít exist.

	6.) The Chunnel 

	6a.) The Firecloud
	In order to use the Borgís BEST ability, you must build Firecloud
Class Cruisers. They arenít armed well, but that isnít their function.
They initiate a warp chunnel, allowing you to send ships anywhere. 

	6b.) Chunneling

	Chunneling requires two Fireclouds, some gas, and a warp factor
of 0. The docs explain it: 

	6b1.) How chunneling works (emphasis mine): 
	Chunneling is the process where a Firecloud Class Cruiser uses a
temporal rift in the subspace time continuum.  This rift is a maelstrom
of tachyon energy formed in the shape of a tunnel.
	To open a Warp Chunnel a Firecloud needs to have at least 50 KT
of fuel. It then selects its friendly code to the ID number of another
Firecloud. This causes a targeting subspace signal to be generated. The
Firecloud then projects a stream of accelerated tachyon particles that
cause a rift in the subspace time continuum.  The generation of this high
energy beam **uses up 50 KT of fuel from the projecting Firecloud.** 
This rift is anchored to the destination Firecloud.
	Once the Chunnel is generated the Chunneling Firecloud moves into
the Chunnel. This causes the Chunnel to collapse. As the Chunnel
collapses it pushes the Firecloud (and any other starships that were in
the same point in space as the Firecloud) along in front of it as it
collapses. This movement expends uses no fuel on the Chunneling
starship(s), since they are being pushed along by the collapsing Chunnel
(subspace temporal rift).
	Needless to say, traveling through a high energy rift comprised
of tachyon particles can have an adverse effect on your starship systems.
**Any starship completing a Chunnel will exit subspace with its shielding
systems inoperative.** The Chunnel, in effect, strips the starship(s) of
their shields for that turn.  By the next turn the shielding systems will
be functioning again. 

	 And now the how to: 

	How to Initiate a Chunnel

	To start a Chunnel, as stated above, the traveling (or
initiating) Firecloud needs to set its friendly code to the ID number of
the Firecloud it wishes to travel to.  Both Fireclouds need to have their
warp factor set to zero (0).
If the warp factors are not set to zero or the ether of the Fireclouds
are under tow the Chunnel will not occur.

	For ID numbers 1 to 99 place leading zeros in front of the
number. I.E.  001, 023, 099.

	Chunneling happens as part of the movement phase of the host.  It
is the last segment of the movement phase.  So it is possible for
starships to move TO the Firecloud before it Chunnels and then move with
it, shutting down the warp systems during the Chunnel. 

	Cloaked starships moving through a Chunnel will remain cloaked.

	A ship belonging to a race other than the race of the Firecloud
opening a chunnel at the same point in space as the Firecloud must have a
warp speed of 0, be cloaked, out of fuel or have a friendly code that
matches the friendly
code of the ship opening the chunnel to enter the chunnel (way point
setting does not matter). The chunnel ship's race can enter the chunnel
at any warp speed as can cloaked ships or ships with matching friendly
code belonging to all races.

	If fleet of enemy ships that warp onto a planet that is hiding a
Firecloud with its chunnel engaged only the enemy ships with a warp speed
of 0 will enter the chunnel. The only ships that can move onto a planet
with a warp speed of 0 are ships that are being towed. None of the ships
that moved their under their own power will enter the chunnel, but any
ships that they are towing will.

     A pair Fireclouds can not use a chunnel if ANYSHIP with fuel locks a
tow beam on it, the warp speed and waypoint setting of the ship locking
the beam does not matter.

	Minimum range of chunnel:   100 LY
	Maximum range of chunnel:   5000LY
	(Only works with HOST Version 3.20 or Better)

	So look at the benefits. You can go ANYWHERE, for 50kts of fuel.
You can chunnel as many ships as you want. Your cubes ships need this,
since they suck gas only a little less than a Gorbie. 
	The bad sides are that you come out with shields down. Fireclouds
canít fight, so your enemy will definitely hunt your FCs down. Any ship
that puts a tow lock on your FC nullifies the chunnel.  But the uses and
benefits  in maneuvering outweigh the cons. 

	6c.) Chunnel Points

	The easiest way to chunnel fleets, is to have chunnel points. 
	I usually have crappy FCs  in orbit around planets as catchers.
They donít chunnel, they are just anchors to chunnel back to. I set up a
planet or waypoint in space to have all my ships meet. 
	If a planet, a crappy one, since I donít want to chunnel my fleet
of Merlins away by sheer accident. 
	If in space, outside a planetís warpwell, say 4 lys. This way, I
am close by, and not sticking out to much. 
	I then activate the chunnel when everyone arrives, and go. Then
when I am done, I use the bad FCs  as anchors, and go home. 

	Easy, simple, and that way, your key planets are linked through
the possibility of a chunnel. You can move cubes around effectively to
protect or advance. 

	7.) Planets and Bases

	Everyone likes to have huge fleets of ship cruising around
beating people up. You canít do that if your economy stinks. Planets and
Bases are major parts to the economy scheme.

	7a.) Planets

	You start off with a planet, so that means you gotta expand. 

	7a1.) Colonization

	Most races send out LDSFs in every direction to conquer planets
well, and get them up and running. Not you. All you really need is the
SDSF. Why? Because of your assimilation, of course! One clans turns into
two, into four, and so on. So while most races run around dumping tons of
cash, supplies and colonists, you need very few colonists, some supplies
and some cash. 

	Take a SDSF, and fill it with 40 supplies, and 30 clans. Put some
money if you think you need it. 
	On no native planets, put one clan down. Just to take the planet.

	On native planets, dump the colonists. Next turn, you have
double, and you pick up a full ship again. 
	Of course, you are beaming down supplies. Cash if you think you
need it. Not a lot of supplies or cash, but just enough to get the planet
up and running. The cash youíll get from assimilating natives. Re-Read
how to use the kinds of frieghters you have. 

	7a2.) Managing your planets

	This is the time consuming part for any Borg player. You have to
figure for max taxes. And build supplies, mines, and watch your native
population (if applicable). Watch your defense post numbers, and make
sure you donít get scanned. 
	This usually doesnít take long. But when you have 50-90 planets
to worry about, then you have time consuming stuff on your hands. 
	So, figure for max taxes. Watch your mineral count. Raise defense
posts. Watch the native growth, and see what you have left and are going
to have next turn. 

	7a3.) Planetary Strategies

	Assimilate native planets first. Come back to the empty planets
later. This way, you get the key plamets (and economy) running. Build
your factories, mines, and Def posts. Theyíll all be colonists soon

	Capturing enemy planets. You get them, and if they have natives,
you start assimilating. Right away. 
	Yank the taxes to 100%. The natives will riot, but youíll keep
assimilating. So if the enemy gets the planet back, the natives (now
hopefully decimated by assimilating and killing each other) will be of no
use to either of you. Any clans you (or him) put there will be chopped up
in two seconds. 

	Use the HYP probes to do the same. HYP in, capture planets, yank
taxes, and assimilate. 

	What if the enemy is invading? Do the same, but leave the amount
of colonists on the planet. Itís not like you donít have enough. Riot
them. Have them chop up all those beautiful mines and factories to
prevent their capture. If hopeless, do it to all your planets. Use your
escape pod (HYP probe) to run if you even want to try. 

	7b.) Bases

	If you think you can do with one base for the whole game, good
luck to you. 

	7b1.) Where to build them

	The Borg have a dilemma when it comes to bases. They assimilate
the natives, and if you build the base after the natives are gone, you
lose the race ability (if applicable). So they gotta build bases early.
But they lack the minerals early, and need to save them for the cubes. 
	So if you are going to build (which you have to), get those
minerals there before the natives are gone. I build bases if I can get
the race ability, or the minerals are good. 

	7b2.) Defense

	Your HomeWorld is really useless after turn 20- you have probably
bigger amounts  of colonists on other planets nearby. But other planets
(i.e. StarBases) are useful, and are last-line protection. 
	You have the cash to buy fighters, so do so if you feel it is
necessary. Keep your bases in top shape. No one can ground attack you-
especially with 6 million colonists. So they have to beat you up. A Cube
nearby is always handy, too. Raise your defense posts, and increase base
defense as well. You can huge ground defense posts with your astronomical
colonist figures. 

	7b3.) Upgrading

	You can upgrade as you feel free to do so. Adapt to the

	Some ideas:

	Build HYP probes-they never out live their usefulness. 
	Crappy FCs  are only *tech 6*. 
	Cubes I build on my HW. Sometimes other bases if I have enough
minerals and cash handy. 

	Be flexible- the Borg lost in Star Trek because they just came in
guns blazing, smashing everything. The crafty humans wiped their butts
all over the Sol System. Learn from that. 

	8.) Other Races- Allies and Enemies

	Other races inhabit the Echo Cluster, and depending on their
leaders, they may be friendly or hostile to you. With the Borg, they are
NEVER indifferent. 

	8a.) The Solar Federation

	Based upon the Federation in Star Trek, the Feds have a decent
fleet, made up of mostly medium warships that can do many different
things. However, the key word is medium. The biggest ship they have is
the Nova, which can spank almost any ship besides yours and the Gorbies
by itself. 

	As allies: They are good ones. They can super-refit your cubes,
which is very handy. They have the KittyHawk, a medium carrier. They also
collect 200% taxes from the natives they make contact with. Very helpful
to you in the game, when you are done assimilating and all you have are
colonists left to tax. The Feds have good torp ships, something you lack.
They have Lokis, which will decloak the Fascists, Privs and everyone else
(save the Birds and Lizards). They also have terraformers, which are
handy for those assimilated cold or hot planets. 

	As enemies: The Feds are not very powerful in the first part of
the game, like you. They know this, but they know you stink early too. If
you can get your economy rolling quick, you can run the Feds over. They
will have many empty hulls, for super-refit later on. 
	They will throw a combo of ships at you. Their Thor is deadly- 8
torp tubes. Itíll go in first, knocking your shields out, followed by a
KittyHawk. Then the Nova comes in and cleans your cube up. Try using cube
pairs, or get some cloakers (watching for Lokis) and find their key
planets. Try to get the Feds before they can get you. They will try to
outbuild everyone early on so they can sacrifice the ships they have to. 

	8b.) The Lizard Alliance

	The Lizards are based upon the Gorn of Star Trek. Very big,
powerful, and nasty. 

	As allies: Very good. They can mine at 200%, which they can give
you the minerals you desperately need for your cubes. They can give you
cloakers, Lokis, and a terraformer. Their HISSS mission is nice- they can
HISS your planets, and squeeze that last bit of taxes out. 

	As enemies: You frighten them. They have a ground attack of 30:1,
but that is useless with 6 million colonists. They can cloak, so
interlocking minefields are the key to stopping their cloakers from
attacking planets. Their ships lack many beams, so sweeping for them is
pretty much limited. Their Madonzilla and T-Rexes are their ships of
choice when fighting your cubes. Theyíll use a Rex-Madon-Rex combo to get
your cubes. They can produce these ships rapidly since their economy is
incredible. Put Heavy Blasters on your HYP probes, and shoot them out.
Chances are heíll have a terraformer or Serpent Scout HISSSing, and you
toast it. The high tax rate will cause rioting all over. 

	8c.) The Empire of the Birds

	The Bird Men are based upon the Romulans of Star Trek. Quiet,
invisible and sneaky. 

	As allies: OK. They have cloakers, and their Resolute is very
nice. Theyíd like your Cubes to back their fleet up, since DarkWings
arenít the strongest around. They have a cloaking carrier for you, very
handy. They have cloaking torp ships for surprise minefields. Other than
that, not much. 

	As enemies: They can be devastating to you. Their economy is not
great, but that doesnít mean he canít eliminate you. Their Resolute and
DarkWing donít use fuel to cloak, so theyíll wait at your chunnel points
with cloak on and warp 0. Move your chunnel points. Or setup a chunnel
point, and have the real chunneler somewhere else. Then move your fleet
to the real chunneler. He wonít move, because he canít intercept cloaked
and he wonít know where you are going. Send in your cubes and attack
mercilessly. Theyíll use their DarkWings since thatís all they have. And
that isnít much. 

	8d.) The Fascist Empire

	The Fascists are based upon the Klingons from Star Trek.
Bloodthirsty, ruthless, and suicidal. 

	As allies: Very little use to you. They have 3 cloakers, which
you can get from the Bird Men (or similar ship designs). They have Glory
Devices, ships which are like suicide runners. They can blow up when they
detect a cloaker, or he can send them as missles toward ships, planets,
etc. The Gds turn Amorphous worms into supplies when exploded. Very handy
to clear the planets out. They can pillage your people, and split the
cash with you. 
They get more- Cubes, FCs, and HYP probes. Fascists are immune to ATT/NUK

	As enemies: A hassle. They can cloak, and pillage your people.
They canít be attacked by planets, so unless you have a cube there, they
can play cat and mouse. Theyíll throw GDs at your ships. GDís do about
10-11% damage to a Biocide. Carry supplies with you, to heal the damage,
and use your repair-self mission. Theyíll use Glories with their
Victorious (tech 10 ship) to get you. Zig zag your ships to evade the
Glories, and run him over. His ships are no match for yours. (I know, I
played the Fascists vs. the Borg. I got clobbered. Though I gave him a
bloody nose. )

	8e.) The Privateer Bands
	The Privs are based upon the Orions from Star Trek. They are the
last of the cloaking races. Sneaky bandits. 

	As allies: VERY useful. They have gravitronic ships, which travel
at twice the speed you can do. The MBR is the best of these grav ships.
Nice fuel tank, so your cubes can get towed from l62 lys away. You can
clone for the Privs, and they could always use FCs. They lack heavy
ships, what they get for those, they steal. Their ships cloak on top of
it all, so you can have a fast surprise mine layer. 

	As enemies: The Worst for you. You lack heavy anti-cloaking
equipment. So they will steal your cubes blind. There are so MANY Priv
tactics, I recommend going on the Web and looking at some VGAP sites and
reading up. I wonít list any here- there is just too many. 
	So how do you combat them? Top off your fuel tanks. Use
minefields like crazy. Have mission to beam up fuel (he robs, you beam,
you have fuel, heís uncloaked, he gets slaughtered). Again, read up on
Priv tactics. Use more mines, and see if you can get some anti cloaking
equipment (Lokis, GDs, web mines, etc). Ride in Ion storms- that goes for
any cloaking race (except the Birds- Resolutes and Dwings donít decloak
in them (ion storms)). Watch your back. 

	8f.) The Crystal Confederation

	The Crystals are based upon the Tholians from Star Trek. Known
for their webs, small ships, and rudeness.

	As allies: OK. They can cover your butt from cloakers with their
web fields. Their Thunders is an okay carrier, and theyíd like your
cubes. Youíd like their Emerald or Rubies, which are very good torp
ships. They have a terraformer, but it heats to 100 degrees. They cannot
clone, so they need you for that. 
	Web mines are the best selling point. They make 10% damage as a
normal mine, but suck gas. When they (a ship) hits a web mine, they lose
50kts of gas or 1/6 of their fuel (which ever is more). Sitting in a
field, a ship loses 25kts of fuel. The effect is cumulative, 2 fields,
50kts of fuel. 3- 75kts of fuel. Colonies canít sweep them (webs), so you
are protected- itís like having a wall. 

	As enemies: A nuisance. Get them while they are small. The
Crystal economy is bad, and they need the money planets. Find them, and
knock them out. Put heavy beams on your ships, and sweep as you go. Donít
go far into a field and risk the chance of hitting a mine. Once you are
in a web, heíll increase the size or make an overlapping web field,
sucking more gas. Ouch. 
	Be patient. Sweep thoroughly, and hit his money planets. Heíll
use Flame/Thunder combos to take out your cubes. I use a
Flame/Flame/Thunder combo to toast a Gorbie. Wasnít easy, since Crystal
ships are not strong. If you need Crystal knowledge, I can send you my
guide: ďGlistening Gems; Autarchís Guide to the Crystals.Ē

	8g.) The Evil Empire

	The EE is based upon the Empire from Star Wars. All knowing, all
seeing, all bloated. 

	As allies: Not the greatest. They get 5 free fighters per base,
per turn. Hardly enough to sustain a fighter fleet. Their economy is, bar
none, the worst in the game. They have the Super Star Destroyer (SSD). It
has an Imperial Assault mission, which lets you beam 10 clans to any
planet, and itís yours. Even Homeworlds. The ship cannot be attacked by
ATT/NUK codes. They have the Gorbie, the ultimate weapon in the game, but
you have your cubes. 5 free fighters doesnít cut it for your Biocides.
They can Dark Sense everyone (save the Rebels) and find out where your
enemies key planets are. 

	As enemies: A nuisance. As stated, their economy stinks. Their
ships arenít the best combat wise. But the Gorbie is a pain. However, you
both wonít be able to produce your heavy hitters until later, and you can
deal with a Gorbie by sending 2 Biocides at it. The first might win, but
have the second around just in case. 
	Their SSD is a pain, but lay surprise minefields and damage the
ship. Some damage, no Imp Assault. The SSD wonít have a full fighter
compliment of fighters, because they need the clans to perform the
	They will use their HYP probes to find your planets by Dark
Sensing, and will go for your throat. Lay some fun traps for the Imps,
since you can guess where heíll be going. Once his Gorbies are
neutralized, walk on him. 

	8h.) The Robotic Imperium

	The Robots (or Cylons) are based upon the race from BattleStar
Galctica. Nasty and efficient. 

	As allies: Their are pretty good. They have carriers, and one
torp ship. They can make 4x the number of mines as anyone else. They can
make fighters in space, which you can use to fill your Biocides. Their
Golem is nice, and their Automa is one of the wickedest ships around.
Theyíd like your FCs, and any torp ship you have. Their Pawn Baseship has
a full bioscanner and will scan ALL planets within 200lys (host default).

	As enemies: A nuisance. Their ships are big and bad, but your
cubes can nail them. Sweep the huge fields that they have. Be patient,
just like you would fighting the Crystals. Heíll use his Golems and
Automas to attack, but having a few cubes nearby will take care of that.
They need Duranium like mad, so pull it from planets. Pull either
Tritanium or Moly (or both) to prevent their fighter building too.
Deprive them of their basic economic needs and assimilate the Bots. Read
my guide (ďDittering Diodes: Autarchís Guide to the RobotsĒ) to get a
basic grasp of the Bots. Iíll send it to you if you can find it in a web

	8I.) The Rebels

	The Rebels are based upon the Rebels of Star Wars. Small, light,
fast , and deadly. 

	As allies: They can give you free fighters to. They have the
Falcon, a better HYP ship. They have decent torp ships (Cygnus,
Tranquillity), and theyíd like your cubes. They have a Rush, which is
pretty good in itself. They are immune to the Dark Sense, and can use
their Rebel Ground attack (RGA) to destroy enemy planets. They are immune
to ATT/NUK codes. 

	As enemies: A pain. Their RGA is effective (-50% HP), and youíll
soon find 6 million Borg rioting all over. Theyíll use their Falcons to
do that. Have a Quietus or something sitting in orbit and get them. Send
in the Cubes, and hit them. Locate their fighter factories (Bovonoid
planets with a Gemini in orbit) and get them. Pull the minerals needed
(Tri and Moly) from the planets to stop fighter building. Itíll be
bloody, a knock down-drag out fight. But you should come out on top if
you hit him quick and sweep him away, before massive RGA can occur.
Otherwise, he is a great economy killer, and can do you in fast. 

	8j.) The Lost Colonies of Man

	The LCOM is from BattleStar Galctica. Self-sufficient, betrayed,
and deadly when provoked. 

	As allies: They are good. They have the Cobol, which makes fuel
as it goes along. The Aires converts minerals into fuel on a 1:1 ratio.
They can build fighters in space. They can sweep minefields from very far
away. The Cobol has a bioscanner too. They, with the Rebels, have the
Patriot carrier, a torp nightmare. The little ship is nasty, with 6 bays.
Nice little carrier for you. They have their Virgo, and basically, donít
need you, except for your FCs. And maybe HYP probes. 

	As enemies: And since they donít need you, expect war. Donít
waste time with mines, youíll lose them when they sweep with their
fighters. Theyíll be towing their Virgos into battle with their Cobols.
If you disable the Cobol, the Virgo becomes a forlorn gun platform.
Theyíll send Patriots too, so beef up your defenses on your planets. Get
some decent torp ships and fight the Pats. Attack them with Cubes, in a
big push in. Heíll throw Virgos at you. Keep sending Cubes, because you
need him gone. Go right for the throat, his HW. If heís smart, heíll have
several huge planets with tons of colonists. Get them second. 
	The Colonies are everyoneís worst nightmare. Help the Cluster-
get rid of them. 

	9.) Summary and Information

	I cannot stress enough to read up on your enemy. Look at and read
his tactics. Play his race. Know thy enemy. 
	Read some basic books on warfare strategy. They will help you
immensely. They have for me. 
	Use your minefields. 
	Know the Order of Operations and Actions. 
	Make friends and TRADE. You need decent ships, and you could wipe
someone out with a few cubes. Donít beg, but donít be a idiot either. 
	Get a cloaker and clone it. Very helpful. Never use them until
they are DEEP in enemy lines. So when you attack, you use them too, to
screw up his home economy. 
	Get yourself down into a pattern with Chunnel Points. Streamline
your whole operation. The Borg are efficient, and you need to be to
manage the number of planets youíll get. 
	Run Simulations constantly. Experiment. 

	And some info: 

	As for this Guide, feel free to read it, and pass it on. Donít
change anything, and donít let anyone make you pay for it. Itís free. 

	I have written two other guides, one on the Crystal, and one (the
only Guide for the race, that I know of) for the Bots. Iíll send them to
you if you canít find them. I am working with a friend on an Imperial
one, but college calls, so itíll have to wait. 

	I started the Federation League Of Admirals, a little group of
Fed players, who talk about many interesting things. You might learn a
thing or two. The Head Admiral is Donovan , and heíll
explain it to you. 

	I trust you enjoyed the Guide, and please let me know what you
thought. I welcome any questions, comments or complaints. I am more than
willing to assist new players. 
	My e-mail address is on the bottom. If you cannot reach me, my
friend Derek  will know where I am. Heíll tell you. 

	Good luck in playing, and may we meet on the field of battle. And
may I lose to the tactics I have taught you. 

Autarch, League Of Admirals
"For the enlightenment of the young, and the wisdom of the old."

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